Seven Amazing Things You Can Do with ChatGPT


ChatGPT is an online chatbot created by OpenAI. Users can ask ChatGPT for funny stories or answers to basic questions. It’s not the first artificial intelligence chatbot to gain attention online. What sets ChatGPT apart from other AI bots like Lensa is its sheer ease of use. You simply input something into the text field, and ChatGPT responds with an answer.

According to OpenAI, their latest chatbot creation gained a million users in less than a week. It’s dominating Google searches for AI chatbots, and its rise in popularity shows exponential growth on par with Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Most people acknowledge that ChatGPT has massive potential. From simple tasks to abstract ideas, you can use ChatGPT to create novel responses. That can provide moments of simple fun, but it can also carve out an entirely new facet of online infotainment.

Here are some things you probably didn’t know you can do with ChatGPT.

Create Social Media Posts

Social media posts can get tedious if you’re building a brand or building an audience. ChatGPT can streamline your social media experience by providing original posts for you. Use it to create witty Twitter posts or dive deep with an insightful Instagram slide about health and wellness. ChatGPT makes human-like responses that your followers will find entertaining and insightful as long as you enter a prompt that clearly details the type of response that you want.

Create Fiction Stories

ChatGPT can get downright moody and lyrical when you ask it to create a story. It could prove helpful for aspiring authors or a publishing company that is behind schedule on its deliverables. You can use ChatGPT to create plotlines for a mystery novel or create a backstory for your main character. Some users who have tried this feature find that stories created by ChatGPT lack excitement and empathy, but other users have created entire books with ChatGPT acting as a co-author or ghostwriter.

Translations on the Go

There are numerous translation apps that you can find on your smartphone or handheld device. However, you might not have expected artificial intelligence to enter this space. You can use ChatGPT to help you communicate effectively in other languages. Just ask it to translate a specific phrase into another language. It could be especially helpful if you’re in a meeting and didn’t expect foreign language speakers to join the call. You can also use ChatGPT to make your translations a bit more conversational by adding a bit of humour. Just be careful that you’re not putting too much faith in AI for the subtle nuances of a detailed conversation.

Basic Coding

ChatGPT creates text responses. Well, users are finding out that ChatGPT can also spit out code. You can use it to create a coding response for simple vector art logos. You can also use ChatGPT to make a code for a specific type of animation. The chatbot will produce code using the popular JavaScript library “three.js,” which is a free, open-source, 3D framework for developers. This might take a few prompts and tweaks to get just right, but ChatGPT is only going to get better at generating 3D animation and basic visual assets in the future.

Create Interview Questions and Answers

If you run a podcast, then you can easily get burned out when trying to think of questions for your guests. ChatGPT can help by generating questions for you. For example, you can just ask it to create a list of questions for an expert on human psychology. You can also use ChatGPT to prepare for job interviews. Ask ChatGPT for the best responses to common interview questions or ask it to generate a response for a specific question that you’re nervous about answering.


Explain Complex Concepts in Simple Terms

It can be truly frustrating when you’re confronted with a nebulous concept that you don’t fully understand. You might be searching for an answer with Google’s search engine or looking for a way to explain to your toddler how the universe works. Well, ChatGPT can help by simplifying big concepts into a response that makes sense to the layman. Just be specific and ask it to create a response that explains your concept in simple terms that anyone can understand.

Create Different Reference Styles

If you’re a university student or someone who writes academic papers, then ChatGPT can be a helpful assistant. Does your next paper need to be referenced in Chicago style or AP? Do you even remember how to do that? Well, ChatGPT can use artificial intelligence to quickly generate references in the style that your academic paper needs. If you’ve left your reference page for the last minute, then this feature can save you time and help to relieve student anxiety.

The Future of ChatGPT

One company that is especially interested in the far-reaching applications of ChatGPT is Microsoft. The tech giant is already using some elements of OpenAI technology to improve Microsoft Word. However, Microsoft is now exploring ways to bring artificial intelligence to Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and other apps. ChatGPT could be used to suggest replies to emails or recommend document changes in real time.

You can find ChatGPT on the OpenAI website. Just follow the links on their blog – ChatGPT functions as a free service for simple prompt and response features. However, OpenAI is looking into launching a paid user service that offers more responses, faster turnaround times, and a more comprehensive list of features.

The future of ChatGPT is bright. You can use it for fun or find creative new ways to interact with artificial intelligence. It’s easy to access, and there’s a growing community of users that post ideas about new ways to enjoy ChatGPT. Just keep in mind that ChatGPT is evolving and learning. It’ll always respond, but those responses aren’t necessarily accurate. You’re going to need to guide it and use it as a tool. Otherwise, ChatGPT acts like a toddler who thinks they know all the answers.

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