How to Transcend Blocks to Spiritual Growth

How to Transcend Blocks to Spiritual Growth

You may not have been born into an environment that supports spiritual growth. For example, your family, friends, culture, or other aspects of your life may hinder your development. But you can transcend blocks on the spiritual path to the highest version of you. Here’s how.

Explore your circumstances

Your beliefs and thoughts are affected by the people around you. You also have cognitive default settings that don’t necessarily help spiritual development. Moreover, your experiences affect your neurology and mightn’t always be conducive to growth.

Your external experiences aren’t always helpful, but overcoming them is a spiritual lesson that increases awareness and self-development.

The journey of spiritual growth picks up speed when you recognize you can take steps to master your behavior, thoughts, and emotions. When you understand outside events don’t control your inner experience, you can use spiritual practices like mindfulness, meditation, and qigong to help you transcend difficulties in your path. The first step to overcoming obstacles on the spiritual voyage is recognizing you are at the helm.

Recognize you are your master

Your surroundings, culture, and social contacts affect your spiritual development, yet they don’t control it. So, rather than let your circumstances sweep you up and carry you along, note that you have the power to understand your emotions and steer your life’s direction.

Question your conditioning

You are at the mercy of your conditioned mindset until you recognize its existence; like a sailboat carried by the tide, your destination is out of your hands. Once you accept that there are many hidden blockages in your mind to unpack and explore, you take the first step to choosing how your psyche develops.

Uncover your innate gifts

Your caregivers might have said you couldn’t use your innate gifts, discouraged you, or ignored your efforts and passions. Perhaps they didn’t celebrate your successes or feed your motivation to continue.

So, if you showed promise as an artist, empath, or basketball player, they might not have supported you and recognized your potential. But you can still revisit your passions and talents and develop them now.

If your family or teachers criticized your endeavors when you tried to use your gifts that weren’t fully developed, you might have gained the impression you’re not good enough. Trying again may not occur until you think back and remember what you wanted to do as a young person.

Or, perhaps you continued to engage with a passion in a small way, but you’re gifted enough to expand what you do and further your knowledge. It’s essential to look at what you love doing and what brings fulfillment and realize your desire to engage with it isn’t a mistake. It’s linked to your potential ability.

Examine your mindset

Because other people affect your mindset, it’s helpful to check whether you’ve inadvertently picked up negative beliefs about yourself and the world that hinder your spiritual growth. For example, if your parents favor one cultural group or type of people over another, you need to know whether their prejudice affects how you think about, and treat, others.

If your caregivers had a lack-based mentality, their ideas could impact your success and prosperity. Also, if they said you wouldn’t amount to much, their negativity and the absence of loving kindness might have derailed your spiritual progress.

Parents often aspire to help their children, yet they pass on unconstructive beliefs about what’s correct or even possible. For instance, some parents think their children will only make a living if they follow a conventional path and copy what they did themselves to survive.

They can’t see beyond what they’ve experienced or recognize anything else is conceivable. In which case, the best way to proceed may differ from their recommendations, and you must carve your life path.

You can overcome obstacles that affect your mindset by recognizing them and shifting your beliefs and behaviors. Examine who you are when untainted by anyone else’s opinions and listen to your inner guidance.

Notice the qualities you admire in others

As your psyche reaches for improvement, it will gravitate toward people with qualities you want to develop. The people you admire express the traits that are already inside you. These characteristics are part of your spiritual potential and are ripe for picking. So recognize them and water them like seeds until they grow.

Seek non-material prosperity

While material abundance is helpful and you need not abandon it, remember to seek non-material prosperity. Doing so will help you travel further along the spiritual path because it involves inner work and expanded awareness.

Non-material abundance comes from happiness, joy, delight, love, and other things you can’t buy. But unfortunately, many people try to gain these by becoming famous, purchasing goods, or improving their appearance, and they feel let down when these actions don’t bring the anticipated results.

Recognize your desire for spiritual well-being goes beyond physical comfort and social standing. These things might be helpful, but without non-material abundance, they’re less meaningful.

Spiritual abundance often stems from helping others and using your personal gifts to improve the world. So whether you paint beautiful pictures that raise people’s spirits, encourage individuals to use their talents, or serve them in another way, you will likely experience spiritual prosperity.

Use tools to advance your spiritual progression

Mindful practices are helpful tools when you want to advance spiritually. They can assist you in tuning into your higher self and improving your self-awareness.

The more you understand yourself by looking inside and expanding your consciousness, the easier it will be to impact the world positively. Your self-knowledge will grow, giving you greater empathy with others and enhanced communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

Examples of mindful practices:

  • Tai chi
  • Qigong
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Keeping a journal to chart and explore your spiritual growth
  • Mindful communication
  • Positive intention setting

To overcome spiritual blocks to expansion, carry out mindful practices daily. Also, examine your beliefs and mindset. Free yourself from unnecessary limitations and ideas that hamper personal development and compassion, and your spiritual journey will accelerate.

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